Who We Are

An extension of your sales team.

At DataBees our mission is straight-forward: providing our clients with everything they need to make their sales development team stronger than ever. Our passionate team knows first-hand how much time sales people have to spend doing low-yield activities like list-building, finding emails, updating their CRM, etc.. With offices in San Francisco, Spain, India and the Philippines, we are a fully distributed company with the best global talent to provide a single solution to that problem.

Our training and management methodology is structured and consistent, and our greatest strength is simple: our people. We can quickly deliver a team of experienced researchers — led by a veteran team leader working in your time-zone — to each and every customer. We take pride in providing the absolute best for our clients, driven by communication and consistency, first and foremost.

With DataBees, you can streamline your sales process and create a full pipeline of high-quality leads in a matter of days, allowing your sales teams to focus on what they do best: close deals.


Our Vision & Mission

  • Creating a lean, efficient extension of your sales team
  • Helping achieve your sales & marketing goals faster

Company Presentation

Download our latest company presentation which contains a brief summary of our services and pricing.