Discover hyper-targeted accounts perfect for your business

We help you discover new, high sales potential accounts based on your ICP, with all of the enriched information required to target them at the right time.

Accurate, human verified data

We provide all firmographics that your teams require (such as company size, industry & geography). We’re also able to go much deeper to ensure all of the accounts fit your ICP, as well providing additional firmographics, technographics and trigger information that helps your team craft highly relevant and timely messaging.

All of our data is verified by humans, ensuring that your team is only provided with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Technologies used (for example: CRM, advertising platforms, HR platforms)
Social media engagement
Company growth
Customer data
Review data
Company news
Functional team sizes
Company financials
+ any publicly available data point

Complete scalability

Gain unlimited access to top new accounts that perfectly matches your ICP every week, directly injected into your CRM. Ultimately ensure your teams are always equipped with a steady flow of high value qualified accounts, with all the necessary information needed to close. 

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How does it work?

We find high value accounts based on your ICP

We provide you with a dedicated research team who work closely with you to understand your ideal customer profile and the firmographic information that makes an account a great fit. We then work on discovering new high potential companies based on your ICP.

We supply your sales teams with high quality data

Our researchers create a custom research process designed to find and enrich contacts with all your required data points and supplies your sales & marketing teams with clean, human verified contact data for each account.

We clean & refresh all remaining data in your CRM

As we continuously provide your sales and marketing teams with a steady stream of new contact data, our research team will also work within your CRM to clean up & update all outdated contacts so no opportunity is lost and your business can scale.

Trusted by world leading brands

Empower your teams with leads that convert

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