Zoominfo vs Databees comparison

We've created a comparison between contact database company Zoominfo and DataBees. This comparison is built to showcase the overall service both companies offer, the data and technologies covered, but also the level of customer experience each business provides.

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Overall Features

Account Management
Project management
Self use platform
Bounced email replacement
CRM Cleanup
CRM Deduplication
CRM Enrichment
Scalable service based on project size
Guaranteed Account Manager
CRM integration
Free 1 day sample
Pricing Low High
Minimum contract length 1 Month 1 Year
Most popular pricing plan Quarterly $1590 p/m Advanced $2083 monthly
Contact allowance per month Unlimited 1,000
Additional contacts Free $5,500 per 10,000

Data Features

Sales leads
Marketing leads
Company data firmographics
Contact data demographics
Over 1000 data points
Custom data based on ICP
Up-to-date & accurate (refreshed every 2 weeks)
Email verification

Industry Reviews

G2 rating 4.8 4.4
Best G2 reviews “Excellent customer service” “Fairly priced, proactive, high level service” “Commits to deliver excellent service” “Software is good and provide training” “Intent signaling is good” “Very intuitive”
Worst G2 feedback “Nothing particular to dislike” “Truly no downsides” “Emails sometimes bounce but overall provide valid & accurate data” “I want more info” “I wish it was easier to navigate” “Salesperson lied and billing did not honor the contract”
Clutch rating 4.5 N/A
Clutch referral rating 5 N/A

Why work with DataBees?

Best-in-class quality

We provide your teams with up-to-date, highest quality leads, in a shorter time frame.

Save time & resources

DataBees handles your data research process so you can focus your time on converting leads into customers.

Untapped scalability

As your business grows, so does your demand for leads. Your sales teams are provided with their required volume of leads.

Custom leads based off your ICP

We provide custom, high quality, personalized contact data to help your team prospect smarter. This includes any personalized data points you need on companies and contacts, not just a list of emails and phone numbers.

All of our data is verified by humans, ensuring that your team is only provided with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Account-use-case (2)

We provide over 1000 data points

Whilst lead databases offer millions of contacts in one place, sometimes their data points are limited and it can be hard to find the really specific information key to your sales strategy.

We can provide you thousands of highly niche data points that you cannot find on data platforms anywhere, allowing you to close important accounts. 

Looking for information on local businesses that aren’t listed on b2b databases? or maybe key contact data in a very niche market? We have got you covered.

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How does it work?

We find high value accounts based on your ICP

We provide you with a dedicated research team who work closely with you to understand your ideal customer profile and the firmographic information that makes an account a great fit. We then work on discovering new high potential companies based on your ICP.

We supply your sales teams with high quality data

Our researchers create a custom research process designed to find and enrich contacts with all your required data points and supplies your sales & marketing teams with clean, human verified contact data for each account.

We clean & refresh all remaining data in your CRM

As we continuously provide your sales and marketing teams with a steady stream of new contact data, our research team will also work within your CRM to clean up & update all outdated contacts so no opportunity is lost and your business can scale.

Trusted by world leading brands

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