Outsourcing Lead Generation:

The three (good) questions everyone asks us:

Why use DataBees?

Because your sales team’s time is better spent elsewhere. We’ll find all the contacts, emails and phone numbers you’re looking for — not to mention, the hard-to-find nuggets of personalized info to make your outreach campaign authentic and engaging. Simply put, we save companies countless hours of tedious research, and our methods have boosted reply rates up to 60%.

How does it work?

Our teams of research specialists and sales assistants work in our offices every day, with skills ranging from custom list builds, personalized information acquisition, routine data work and more. We handpick each person for our clients, no matter team size, tailoring to your specific size needs and goals. Have existing lists and accounts or looking for a different kind of routine data work? We do that, too.

What can I expect to receive?

Your dedicated team of experienced workers will have one focus: answering to your company’s specific tasks and needs. We guarantee set up within 48 hours. And you can add or remove team members with a single click, whenever you want — just like working in the cloud. A veteran team lead in your timezone will make sure you get the most from your team and your goals are always met — and exceeded.


Get Started

Your risk-free trial — 3 steps, 30 minutes or less.

Step 1: Needs Assessment

Tell one of our experts your ideal customer profile, current processes and what you’re looking to outsource.

Step 2: Team Set-up

Let us know how many people you need, and we’ll take it from there. Your team is ready to go within 48 hours — and the results you’re looking for are en route.

Step 3: Leader Delegation and Execution

You’re assigned a team lead (in your time zone) specifically responsible to your needs and to ensure all your goals are met — and exceeded.

What DataBees Can Do For You:

All work is done best by real people.
  • Contact Research:
    We handcraft lists based on your ideal customer profile, for any and all accounts and contacts.
  • Email / Phone Research:
    We mine the contact information you’re looking for — no more email bounces or wrong numbers.
  • Finding Content & Data:
    Funding rounds, open job positions, specific technologies and software used, blog posts and more — we’ll do the work to get personalized information you want.
  • Lists & Databases:
    From thousands of contacts to a few dozen, no list or database is too big (or small) to cleanse or enrich.
  • Contact Completion:
    We can dust off your old Salesforce CRM and optimize, validate or complete any existing list, as well.
  • Lead Enrichment:
    Take existing leads to the next level with even more personalized content and data.

The DataBees Promise: You Get What You Need

Your sales team just got bigger. And stronger.
  • Dedicated Team Leader:
    Our veteran team leaders know how to manage and get the most from our skilled sales assistants and implement exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Flexible Team Size:
    Scaling has never been easier — add or remove members at any time with a single click.
  • Personalized Data:
    We verify and update all data and content, to make sure your outreach campaign is current and optimized.
  • Triple-checked Emails:
    Bounced emails are a thing of the past now.
  • Fast Ramp-up:
    Simple and easy setup — give us 48 hours and you’re ready to launch.
  • Save Time & Money:
    No more wasted hours or headaches — so you can focus your existing resources on what they do best.
  • No Contracts, No Commitments:
    Simply sign up for a weekly or monthly level, and pause or cancel your team at any time.

"I know how hard it is to find quality leads, at scale, first-hand. At DataBees, our goal is to make outsourcing lead-gen and routine data work easier than ever before — so your pipeline stays full, and your team can focus 100% on growing revenue."

Tom Nolf, Founder & CEO



Simple Setup and No Commitments!
Prices start as low as $6.50 per hour for one full-time worker including team lead. Billed weekly or monthly, cancel any time.

  • 30 Sample Leads

    $ 9 one-time
    • 30 Hand-picked Leads
    • Based on Your Customer Profile
    • That's just $0.30 per Lead
    • Test us completely Risk-Free
    • No Commitments, No Contracts
    • No Setup Fees
    • Available Once per Company

    $ 280 / week *
    • Per Worker
    • * 40 Hours / Week
    • That's just $7 per Hour
    • Includes a Team Lead
    • Billed Weekly
    • Add/Remove Workers Any Time
    • Cancel Anytime

    $ 1040 / MONTH *
    • Per Worker for 4 Weeks
    • * 160 Hours / 4 Weeks
    • That's just $6.50 per Hour
    • Includes a Team Lead
    • Billed every 4 Weeks
    • Add/Remove Workers Any Time
    • Cancel Anytime

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