Flexible plans that work for every business.

Fuel your sales and marketing with custom, high quality, personalized data.

Quarterly Plan


Perfect for early stage sales & marketing teams of 5-30 employees still figuring things out.

Minimum 3 months commitment, cancel with 3 weeks notice.


  • Onboarding support
  • Shared quality team
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Equivalent to $10 per hour

Quarterly Plan

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Semi-Annual Plan


Perfect for scaling sales and marketing teams. Recommended for teams of 30-300.

Minimum 6 months commitment, cancel with 1 months notice.

All quarterly plan features, plus:

  • Ability to work directly in your CRM system
  • Dedicated quality analyst
  • Bounced email analysis and replacement
  • Quarterly strategy review
  • Equivalent to $9 an hour, saving you $900

Annual Plan


Ideal for established sales and marketing teams. Recommended for teams 300+.

Minimum 12 months commitment, cancel with 2 months notice.

All monthly & semi-annual plan features, plus:

  • Enhanced email & phone data
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Multi-researcher discounts
  • Equivalent to $8.32 per hour, saving you $3,090

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Our research is conducted by human-beings who can find anything that your team can. We gather information from a variety of public sources on the web to act as an extension of your team. Please see our Use Case pages for more information and examples.

This totally depends on the size of your team and the volume of data required. Our team can help guide you through this by running a sample and figuring out the output of a researcher on your specific task.

We tend to work with customers who have ongoing lead research needs, however if you have an urgent project then we’re happy to discuss.

Multi-researcher discounts are available on our annual plan only.

Our typical ramp-up time is 3-5 working days, this can be shorter for simple projects and longer for complex multi-researcher projects.

All subscriptions are payable via credit card or invoicing, we offer flexible payment options for our semi-annual and annual plans. 

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