Contact Research Solution

Contact data to help you target and engage prospects

Custom, high quality, personalized contact data to help your team prospect smarter.

Account Research Use Case

How it Works

We help you find insights on your ideal prospects

We work closely with you to understand your buyer personas and what information will make an impact. Once we’ve understood this, we create a custom research process to ensure you’re supplied with only the best-fit contacts and all of the information necessary to target them effectively.

Use Case

What sort of data can we find?

We can provide all of the typical contact information (job title, email addresses & phone numbers).

We’re also able to go much deeper to ensure that contacts fit your buyer personas, as well as finding information that helps your team craft highly relevant messaging.

All of our data is verified by humans, ensuring that your team is only provided with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

Is the data you need not listed? Get in touch with us - we’ll likely be able to find it!

Career background
Promotions & job changes
Professional achievements and qualifications
Interests and hobbies
Self-published social media content
Interviews, media appearances, blogs and articles
+ any publicly available data point

Use cases

Account Research

Find accounts within your ideal customer profile.

Contact Research

Contact data to help you target and engage prospects.

CRM Data Enrichment

Update and maintain your CRM.


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