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DataBees is an alternative to ZoomInfo. It is primarily used by customers who have seen accuracy or relevancy issues with the data they receive from databases like ZoomInfo. Read on to see how both solutions compare.



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Where DataBees wins

      • You’ve had data accuracy problems when trying Databases
      • When you have contextual data points that only a human would understand
      • When you have a narrow ICP in a niche industry
      • You’d rather have a steady stream of accurate human-verified data day by day.
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Where ZoomInfo wins

      • Your user bases information is easy to find and you’ve used data bases in the past and had minimal inaccuracies.
      • When your sales process only needs common data points
      • When you have a large ICP or broad TAM you want to contact
      • You require a ton of data (and can execute using it very fast)
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You’re likely here because you’re looking to fill your sales machine with accurate contact and sales data related to your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). In your research, you stumbled across both ZoomInfo and us. With that in mind, let’s recap a top-down description of both solutions so we can compare:

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Provides a service where we execute a personalized data enrichment workflow based on your needs. In simple terms, you tell us about your ICP, and we build a repeatable strategy to find their data. This process is managed by your dedicated Customer Success Manager and research team.

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ZoomInfo (Sales OS)

ZoomInfo Sales OS is a frequently refreshed database of company and contact information. Users interact with the platform to curate a list of data around their ICP, which they then add to their CRM and sales processes.

ICP Data

DataBees works best with narrow ICPs

Our service is at its best when you’re trying to target a specific customer profile in a niche or sub-industry uncatered for by your normal databases. For example, ZoomInfo would be great if you were hunting for ICP data in Healthcare companies with over 1000 employees, but let’s say you only wanted to target HealthTech SaaS companies; ZoomInfo overlooks the subindustries in their filters.

ICP Identification
ben-serching profile

Niche-specific Datapoints

Seeking data that databases overlook

Finding unique or niche-specific data points is where DataBees excels. As we’ve discussed in the previous section, ZoomInfo has fixed categories, fields, and filters. You can’t go any more granular than ZoomInfo categories will allow. Meanwhile, because DataBees use a tech + manual approach, we can manually find and enrich your lead lists with uncommon or rare data points relevant to your unique customer. 

Data Volume

How much do you really need?

Because DataBees uses a tech + human approach, our output is slower and gradual but more accurate and enriched. That’s why our successful customers tend to use our service to assist with highly-targetted GTM motions

To combat our shortcomings in volume, many of our customers who require a higher data volume for less customized GTM motions use ZoomInfo (or alternative database competitors) and then leverage DataBees to verify the exported lists and enrich them with further data points.

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DataBees is an excellent alternative for ZoomInfo, especially for finding and enriching unique or contextual data points for a narrow and niche ICP.

If you’re unsure of your ICP, you might be better off testing ZoomInfo. If you find the accuracy left wanting (which varies industry by industry), you could maybe adopt a ZoomInfo + DataBees approach, where you export datasets from ZoomInfo, and DataBees can verify and enrich them with further data points. 

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