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Enrich Inbound Leads

Missing inbound data points? No problem.

Enrich Inbound Leads

This is a play used by our customers who receive a lot of inbound leads but notice crucial account and contact information missing. DataBees, with our unique tech + human approach, steps in to fill in the blanks, enhancing the quality of your leads.

The Problem

It can be frustrating to receive good inbound leads that are missing crucial account or contact information. Marketing has done all the hard work to get them to engage but the leads slip out of the leaky funnel just as your sales team were about to make contact.

Without these critical data points, your ability to reach and convert these prospects into customers is hampered. Booking appointments becomes much harder, and nurture sequences lose their effectiveness without customization. Another major issue is that these incomplete prospect records clutter your CRM with duplicates or incomplete leads.


The Solution & Process

  1. Inbound leads enter CRM.
  2. DataBees enriches these leads with missing information and further data points.
  3. Inbound leads are then matched to existing CRM records, or new records are created.
  4. Leads are either contacted or added to nurture sequences.

What KPIs will this impact?

GTM Plays enables seamless collaboration among team members for increased efficiency.

  • Inbound lead conversion rates
  • Inbound lead close rates
  • Inbound marketing ROI
  • Reduced cost per lead
  • Total Leads
  • CAC

This is for GTM functions that:

  • See a large number of incomplete inbound leads
  • Struggle to engage inbound leads and/or book meetings
  • Furthermore, teams that struggle to convert inbound leads into closed business

Real-world use case:

“We’re getting the leads; we are just missing some of the pieces.”

Our client in the IoT and Telematics sector saw a healthy number of leads through inbound channels. The issue was that they had vital data points missing from these leads. A Sales Ops nightmare. This put multiple spanners in the works for their GTM motion:

  • It hurt their reply and response rate when they reached out to book a meeting.
  • Some inbound requests were revisiting leads, but due to the unknown data points, their process unknowingly created duplicates in their CRM.
  • Because data was incomplete, they couldn’t add them to personalized and effective nurture campaigns.
  • Because the data was incomplete, they couldn’t assign the lead to the appropriate AE based on territory and deal size.

Today, these issues are a thing of the past. Since 2022, DataBees and our GTM data technicians have been enriching, organizing, and allocating new inbound leads like clockwork.

This ensures:

  • Their team can score and prioritise hot leads
  • Nurture sequences will be firing to the leads that aren’t quite ready yet
  • Ready-to-buy leads are being handed to the correct AEs
  • Their CRM remains clean and tidy
  • They’ve seen an increase in inbound lead conversion rates

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