A consistent stream of accurate ICP data

Sales, Marketing or Rev Ops teams thrive on a regular flow of accurate prospect contact data. This
allows them to fuel their campaigns, build pipeline and hit their targets. Read on to see why
customers choose DataBees. 

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Account Research Use Case

We help B2B SaaS Sales and Marketing teams fuel their revenue engine with accurate (human-verified) Ideal Customer Profile data.

Imagine starting your day, and a fresh list of accurate prospect data has been meticulously gathered, human-verified, and ready to add to your sales process.

(It’s as if an army of worker bees have been doing all the manual ICP research and enrichment tasks that your team struggles to do). 

That’s the DataBees experience.

Through our bespoke tech stack, unique process and army of researchers, we act as an invaluable extension of your sales and marketing team. Providing you with a consistent stream of data for you to utilize across your sales process.
]We don’t just throw a list together and send you on your way.
(Because we know lists suffer from data decay the moment they’re made)

Instead, we craft an Evergreen Data Pipeline which is aligned with your exact sales process.


Free Sample

The first step where your data sample is meticulously gathered by our team.

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The ICP Identification

Once you’re onboard, phase where we cement an understanding of your best customers and what they look like.

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Prospecting process deep dive

We then go over your entire sales process to understand how many leads you’ll need to constantly keep your pipeline filled. There’s no point in sending you too many leads due to Data Decay, likewise if we don’t send you enough you won’t be very happy either. Likewise, if we don’t send enough, you won’t be very happy either.

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Evergreen data pipeline

This phase builds your ongoing process for curating and adding data to your sales engine.

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Optimize and Expand Plan

Together we co plan opportunities for experiments and ways to increase the amount of leads data we feed into your pipeline.

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We help you hit target

We know B2B sales and marketing teams in 2024 operate in a resource tight, pressured environment. Hitting your targets is all you are concerned with…

Before :

Bloated SDR team

High SDR salary overheads

SDRs doing low value, manual tasks

Limited prospect data points 

Uncustomised outreach sequences

Messy and outdated database

Falling short of OKRS

After :

Streamlined SDR team

Thousands saved

Manual research tasks outsourced

Enriched Prospect Datapoints

Customised outreach sequences 

Clean and accurate database

Achieving OKRS

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Don't just take our word for it...

Feb 8, 2024

“Detail oriented and committed team"

jan 23, 2024

"DataBees for marketing data enrichment"

jan 9, 2024

“Have used Databees on 4 occasions. All highly successful."

jan 10, 2024

"Data Masters!"

may 03, 2023

"Great service, especially for niche use cases"

"Great service, especially for niche use cases"

oct 13, 2023

"Excellent data and professional team"


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