Looking for more than a Zoominfo alternative? That's us.

In sales, database providers can only get you so far. To grow your pipeline you need to ensure your sales team gets in front of the right people.

At DataBees we focus on helping you book more meetings and close more deals than any platform data provider.

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Why we're more than an alternative

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Zoom past poorly fit prospects and close more deals

Scale your sales pipeline

With as many leads that match you ICP as you need, every week.

Improve campaign success

Human validated data to ensure you get the best accuracy to convert your campaigns.

Close deals quicker

Spend less time finding the right person and more time in front of decision makers.

Book more meetings


We help businesses drive greater sales & marketing campaign conversions by providing custom, validated leads that are tailored to meet your ICP, resulting in higher meetings booked and more deals closed. 


Close more deals than ever before


Not do we provide you with leads that match your ICP to ensure they’re more likely to purchase your product or service, but we work with you to improve and refine your ICP and ultimately find you greater prospects so you can close more deals.

close deals

On average our customers have seen:


conversion increase per campaign


increase in rep productivity


increase in revenue per account


DataBees reviews

5 star

"Great service, especially for niche use cases"

"They provide excellent data - you really pay for a higher quality product than what you can get from other lead providers I've worked with in the past."

Sam M.

5 star

"If I could give an 11 as highest number, I would"

"I have been working with them (and still do) for many years and I'm still impressed by their level of service, the quality of the work and commitment to delivering the desired results."

Henk J.

5 star

Phenomenal Data Services

Really liked that their team was flexible.

They researched very specific sized companies and provided us the exact information for our research. Our business has had an extremely high ROI from their services.

Chris S.

Find out why we're more than an alternative