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Building Pipeline with Sage Intacct

We spoke with the Head of SaaS from Sage Intacct, David Appel, to find out how DataBees has helped improve their marketplace engagement and increase their new business pipeline

David Appel

Head of the SaaS Vertical at Sage Intacct

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David Appel is the Head of the SaaS Vertical at Sage Intacct, the largest technology company on the London Stock Exchange, and is passionate about creating great B2B SaaS companies. Over time he has developed a series of SMB, Mid-Market, and Enterprise customer-lifecycle playbooks that focus on creating value for customers, increasing return for shareholders, and building great teams, that have generated over $2.1B in market capitalization for his clients.

The Company

Sage Intacct is the Leader in Subscription Revenue Management. Bringing the power of subscription billing and cloud computing to finance and accounting, they have over 11,000 customers from start-ups to public companies.

Before Databees

Sage Intacct knew what their ideal client looked like, what problems they had, and how they could help them. However, the process of finding these companies and the relevant individuals to speak with was very manual and time consuming.

Our sales teams were looking for needles in a haystack when it came to companies that were a perfect fit. We needed a more efficient method to find these people…

Why Databees

With an organization like Sage Intacct, DataBees is part of a much wider sales and marketing strategy.

We started to speak to DataBees and they took the time to understand our business and our goals. Their level of customer service and willingness to go the extra mile is what sets them apart. They took the time to fine-tune the process with us and throughout this they were listening, understanding the bigger picture and making improvements to provide quantity and quality output.

The Results

Once the process had been refined, Sage Intacct quickly scaled up their number of DataBees researchers, and outsourced more and more of the manual research. This gave valuable time back to their sales team and boosted their new business pipeline.

“They have made themselves a crucial part of our process and the accounts and contacts they provide, regularly feed into our new business pipeline. The work they have done has had a material impact on our marketplace engagement. There are a lot of organisations doing labour arbitrage, but very few do it alongside improving your process.”

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