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Slice sees a revenue increase of 15% per account on average, thanks to DataBees

Christopher Melendez

Marketing Coordinator at Slice

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”DataBees saved us time & money. 

They delivered leads quickly and easily to our sales team. We had time to identify the definition of high quality accounts, spend more time selling and focus on bigger wins. DataBees has been the single best resource increasing the number of sales opportunities we have.”


One of Slice’s goals was to grow their customer base and scale their sales. To aid their sales teams, the pizza network company utilized purchased lead lists to discover new pizzerias. However, over time they found that the lists were often too expensive and full of inaccurate information that slowed down the sales lead time and resulted in a less efficient process.

“We purchased expensive lists. 90% of the information was unreliable and the rest we already had in our database. Our team would spend weeks cleaning them and have very little to show for it in the end.”

The company decided that change was necessary and went in search of a contact data partner that could uncover those unknown neighborhood gems.


Databees’ solution provided Slice with custom, high quality, personalized contact data that enabled them to more accurately convert new pizzeria accounts. 

Due to the nature of Slice’s target audience being within a niche market and not covered in your typical B2B database, a tailored approach was required. They were allocated a dedicated research team who first identified companies that fit their ICP, then began to discover relevant contacts that fit their buyer persona to ensure a greater conversion rate. Once contacts were identified, all relevant information was verified by the researchers to ensure that they were provided with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible.

This tailored approach meant DataBees was able to bring fresh accounts to the sales team, using the same sources as consumers to find the local pizzerias.

The Results

The results saw Slice seeing a sizable increase to their efficiency. By providing the company high quality, enriched data with contacts matching their ICP, they were able to save their sales reps 2-3 hours every day, enabling them to scale their efforts on converting the newly enriched leads and sign not only more, but also larger and greater impactful accounts. 

Average revenue per account increased by 15%.

“DataBees works according to your requirements and they’re super flexible with the criteria you can work towards. The high quality of customer service and relationship with our account manager are impactful. There was never a question of whether DataBees could make things happen.”

About Slice

Launched in 2015 to modernize New York City pizzerias, Slice is the largest pizza network in the US. 

Today Slice serves 50 states and over 18,000 independent pizzerias forming the nation’s largest community of independent pizzerias. Its goal is to keep your favorite local pizza takeout thriving through empowering them with the technology of some of the biggest chains.

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