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Targeting the right customers for PatientPop

We spoke to Jared Jost, VP Marketing at PatientPop about how DataBees has given them access to the right data to go after the organizations they can help the most...

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Jared Jost

VP Marketing at PatientPop




Healthcare Tech

Use case:

Prospect research


Outsourcing SDR Tasks


Jared has 15 years of experience building metrics driven teams and programs that create scalable revenue channels. He joined PatientPop in 2017 leading demand generation and has since taken overall responsibility for marketing..

The Company

PatientPop helps independent practices and healthcare providers succeed and thrive in the ever changing world of healthcare.

Driven by the consumerization of the industry they are currently helping X number of practices deliver excellent patient experience, run more efficiently and adapt their practices to a post-covid world.

Before Databees

PatientPop knew they had a problem and they knew they had to make a shift. They wanted to reduce sales inefficiencies and they needed better data about their customers and prospects to target their marketing campaigns and sales outreach.

“Ultimately, this was all about creating a dataset that matched our ideal customer profile, ensuring that we were focussing on the practices we could help the most.”

PatientPop had a variety of data from various sources that had been built up over time, from salesforce to data warehouses. They initially approached this with business analysts and data scientists, however, that only got them so far. It became clear that hands on, human verification down to the individual records was needed.

Why Databees

“We had worked with DataBees previously and knew they had the capability to do this for us. They broke down a complex process into steps, allowing us to begin using the data while they continued enriching.

DataBees essentially created a multi-step enrichment funnel that we could then feed back into our salesforce environment and sales team during campaigns. They not only matched our ideal customer criteria, but gathered key, personalised data about the prospects too.”

The Results

“We’ve gone from 60% of our targets being ready for integration to 100%. A much higher proportion of our deals are with organizations who fit our ideal customer profile. This doesn’t only affect sales and marketing, we’re already seeing retention rates go through the roof. That’s what happens when you have the right customers.

DataBees was the right choice, not only because they helped us increase our business outcome, but because we have worked through problems together and our relationship has truly felt like a partnership.”

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