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SDR Productivity at Streak

We spoke to Peter Ahn, Head of Sales & Business Development at Streak about how one DataBees researcher has given his SDRs back 30% of their day...

Peter Ahn

Head of Sales & Business Development at Streak

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Peter has helped shape early sales teams at Google, Dropbox & Slack. He thought he’d found his niche whilst working as a hands on sales consultant for some of the Bay Area’s most exciting tech start-ups and vowed to never work full time forone organisation again. That was – until hefound Streak…

The Company

Streak is an inbox productivity tool that lives inside your Gmail and revolutionizes inbox/workflow management across sales, marketing, partnerships, recruiting, operations – everything. It can operate as an easy to use CRM and also as an email transparency platform for any and all teams.

Before Databees

Streak was heavily reliant on inbound leads from their free trial. They needed to transition to outbound to hit the enterprise market – as the saying goes, inbound: you get what you get, outbound: you get who you want.

“Initially we were using a database tool, the problem here was that we didn’t want data that everyone else had, there’s no differentiator in that. More often than not, you get ignored. What we needed was a scalable, creative outlet; specific cuts of data and growth criteria that were beyond the obvious.”

Why Databees

They tried out a number of database tools but were having little luck finding an ideal solution.

“Tom’s email landed in my inbox at exactly the right time. The trial was enough to convince us to try it out for a bit longer and after a couple of months it was a no-brainer. The DataBees team digested complex tasks without too much explaining, their execution was superb.”

The Results

Before DataBees, Streak’s SDRs were doing all of their own research work and even when armed with well-known database tools, it was taking up 2 to 3 hours of their day.

Now? Well as anyone who’s interacted with the team at Streak knows, they’re busy crafting engaging emails and delivering interesting messaging about how they can help their customers over the phone.

“Our pipeline is fuller and we’ve successfully increased the number of meetings we’re getting from outbound. The biggest thing though? A day in the life of our SDRs looks totally different. They no longer have to research the data, they’re engaging with it.”

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