Earn rewards with our referral program

There is no better advocate for the value we provide than our amazing customers. Help us connect with more businesses and we’ll reward you for referrals.

It’s that simple.

Our referral partners benefit from spreading the word about DataBees. You can earn up to $1000 per researcher for customers you refer to us.

How does the referral program work?

Refer a business or friend to us

Fill out our simple referral form. We'll let them know that you're looking out for their business' best interests.

They sign up to any of our plans

Our amazing customers are our best advocates. When your referral signs up, we'll let you know.

You get up to $1000 off your next invoice

We'll gift you up to $1000 reduction of your next invoice, depending on the plan they choose.

Frequently asked questions

Can i refer more than once?

Yes - the more successful referrals, the more rewards you earn. Each company you refer can reward up to $1000 off your next invoice, depending on the plan they sign up to.

What if I'm not a business but refer someone, can I get a reward?

Absolutely. Anyone who successfully refers a business but is not a customer can get a cash reward instead.

Are customers in all countries eligible to refer and earn rewards?

You can refer and earn no matter which country you operate in.

If I refer someone and they sign up, how will I know?

We'll let you know as soon as possible. As long as you include the same email address that is registered with us, we'll let you know when your referral has signed up.

Join our referral partners and earn up to $1000

Refer a business and earn up to $1000