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Providing Elastic Resources for Signiant

We spoke to Katie, Signiant’s Senior Marketing Operations Manager about how DataBees has helped provide elastic resources that are an important part of their integrated sales and marketing operations.

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Katie McKay,

Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Signiant




Cloud-native SaaS

Use case:

Data Enrichment, Prospecting


Outsourcing SDR tasks


Katie has been with Signiant for over 6 years and during her tenure, the company and its sales team, have grown dramatically. Naturally, her role has evolved as well; as the Senior Marketing Operations Manager she is responsible for managing Signiant’s CRM database and works closely with the sales team managing a variety of systems, processesand reporting to help grow the business.

The Company

Signiant is a market leader in intelligent file transfer. They help media companies of all sizes move large files with speed, reliability and security. Their customer list include most of the world’s top media companies.

Before Databees

In the early days of Signiant, their BDRs had a wide range of responsibilities. From finding relevant accounts to target, to digging out contact information and doing outreach, to processing and qualifying inbound leads. “In the beginning there was less structure. Each rep had different ways of doing research and managing their day-to-day tasks.”

As the company grew and began to scale, marketing and sales worked to develop a unified go-to-market strategy. “We needed a well defined and repeatable process to scale our operations and provide our sales team with well researched, clean data sets to work with.”

Why Databees

Signiant was initially working with two vendors in an attempt to alleviate the pressure on their marketing team. “We needed more elasticity in our research process and evaluated multiple options. The DataBees team were superb at working in our time zone and grasping complex tasks quickly. The quality was poles apart as well. In the end, it was a no-brainer and DataBees has been great to work with.”

The Journey

As Signiant grew, so did the number of DataBees researchers they had working for them. “Our sales team was expanding and we had even more mouths to feed. Given our continuous success, DataBees was the obvious choice, and I can honestly say that having direct access to the team, meant scaling was one of the easiest processes I’ve ever been through. They understood exactly what we needed and the data they provided was always high quality.”

The Results

“We’ve seen huge process improvements within sales and marketing. Both on how we acquire and utilize data. Our overall data quality is so much better: we’ve plugged gaps in our database, our team is engaged and we’re growing fast. And Databees helped us scale our operations providing more research bandwidth when we need it.”

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